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Memorial Day

Saturday, May 25, 2019

As we honor our military men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice this Memorial Day, Id like to share some insight concerning Gold Star families.

Gold Star families are the surviving family members of military personnel who died in an active duty status.

For these families, Memorial Day is much more than three days off, hot dogs, barbecue, and pools.

The recreational activities that surround Memorial Day should never overshadow why the holiday was created in the first place.

While many are excited about an extra day off or a good deal on a refrigerator, Gold Star families are struggling with feelings of loss for their loved one who gave the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

As Memorial Day approaches try to keep a few things in mind.

One, understand the need for a Memorial Day.

Many today think Memorial Day is just to honor the fallen from decades-old wars.

Yes, we must remember the sacrifices of service men and women from all wars, but we must respectfully recognize all Americans, now and in years to come.

All currently serving military personnel protect our freedoms and we can never take those freedoms for granted. Memorial Day is for honoring those who have recently died, as well.

Also members of our military die in many different ways.

They die in training exercises, equipment failures and accidents.

They die from suicide.

All made the commitment to serve for the greater good of our country.

This Memorial Day take some time to reflect and honor all of these fallen heroes and the Gold Star families.

During our family get-togethers and shopping excursions take the the time to stop and remember them. Never forget.

See you out there.

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