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Never Forget

Saturday, September 11, 2021

The twentieth anniversary of 9/11 is upon us, but in many ways it seems like yesterday.

We all remember where we were when we heard the terrible news.

My teenaged daughter burst into my bedroom with the unbelievable announcement of, “We’re under attack!”

What? Under attack?

I remember asking her to slow down as I walked into the living room where the images of planes crashing into the towers played, over and over again, on the television.

It was surreal.

How could this happen?

Eventually the living room filled with other family members as we all gathered around the TV.

I had a job interview that afternoon.

My mother pleaded with me not to go. She was afraid of more attacks and wanted the family to stay close.

I went to the interview, but with a feeling of dread. It seemed like the entire country was gripped in fear.

Life changed that day. Things were more quiet. No planes circled around O’Hare Airport.

Everyone was on edge.

Twenty years later.

Are we still suffering from that incident?

Are we afraid?

Do you feel safe?

A recent Washington Post/ABC News poll stated 49 percent of the country feels safer now from terrorism than before 9/11.

That’s a pretty narrow margin.

As our nation continues to be divided, and we bicker on a wide-range of topics from vaccinations to the role of police in society, I would like to share a personal thought.

When I remember 9/11, I do remember feelings of fear and unease, but those were followed by anger.

Justifiable anger.

For our young people, and those that argue over our involvement with foreign countries and their terrorist issues, I say this, there are times when America must fight to punish an enemy, uphold justice and send a message to any who mean us harm.

After 9/11, justice demanded our military wipe the floor with the terrorists responsible for the attacks and any who harbored them.

Never forget.

See you out there.

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