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The danger of inaction

Saturday, July 10, 2021

The journey to bring a hospital back to Kennett has been a tumultuous one to say the least.

Last Tuesday’s council meeting was a prime example of just how rocky this endeavor has been.

It does appear there are two camps in the city, one supporting the Billionaires Funding Group hospital project, and the other, more than ready to seek out other options.

The council has decided to wait and see if the funding for the hospital has indeed been secured as BFG spokesperson Stan Morris informed on Tuesday.

If not, the council will consider opposing the current Certificate of Need and move on to other interested parties.

Hopefully, the funding is in place and we’ll see wrecking balls and demo starting soon.

Whatever the outcome, the one positive I took from the meeting was, action.

I feel the frustration from so many on this hospital project from both sides.

The public hungers to be kept updated on this vital topic.

I agree with former Mayor Jake Crafton, this should be the City’s number one focus.

I believe both sides will get busy, and I hope our city leaders will not stand for procrastination.

We all want a hospital.

A dialogue has been started, however we can’t afford a lengthy conversation.

Now is the time for deliberate action.

If not, there is the danger of inaction becoming acceptance.

Accepting the idea that no hospital is forthcoming.

Accepting, this will be our reality, and Kennett citizens will have to continue to travel for our hospital needs.

We should pray that we keep this momentum of action rolling.

The alternative of acceptance would be a hard pill to swallow.

See you out there.

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