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Support small businesses

Saturday, May 8, 2021

It appears that the future will belong to small businesses for local communities.

Older residents will remember when all our area downtowns were peppered with dozens of businesses and were the retail centers in our towns.

That all went away.

Itís not just our area. The trends are national.

The internet played a huge part in this.

Shoppers can park on the couch or at the kitchen table, or even lay in bed with their laptops and cellphones and with a tap of their fingers have desired products delivered to their homes.

A year of COVID and hiding indoors has only exacerbated the situation.

Years ago national chain stores made it tougher for local shopkeepers to compete. However, those big retailers are feeling the pinch as well due to internet marketing.

Itís not all doom and gloom though.

Look at downtown Kennett. It is filling up with smaller retail and service shops, as well as, restaurants. Thereís a message there for curious entrepreneurs.

Do the research.

Figure out what local people want and theyíll come.

Letís face it, folks.

The past is the past and itís not coming back.

The future holds it own promise, and it looks to be home-grown. Complaining wonít help us get there.

Making an effort to keep local dollars local will, and it will encourage more small businesses to choose us.

Keep that in mind on shopping day.

Support our local businesses.

Just a friendly reminder from your local newspaper editor.

See you out there.

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