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Moving forward

Saturday, January 23, 2021

A few days into the new administration and it seems the nation is in a perpetual time loop.

Still arguing, still posturing, and still divided. It is obvious that even with Donald Trump gone from office, the flames of division are still being stoked by pursuing his impeachment.

If the impeachment proceedings continue I believe it will further divide our nation.

Just as in recovery from substance abuse, removing a drug does not end the addiction.

Trump is gone, yet the addiction from the left of Trump hatred continues.

When you take away a drug or a behavior, it creates a void.

You must replace that void.

Hopefully, an addict will do that by finding a positive, healthy, and beneficial substitute.

When this happens they’re living in recovery.

If they revert back to the addiction and begin using again they have “relapsed,” and the cycle of destruction continues.

It appears our nation is headed into relapse.

President Biden has an opportunity to move forward by putting an end to the impeachment of a former president. Yes, that’s correct, former president.

He should focus on constructive solutions, and quit allowing destructive patterns to continue to inhabit the nation.

Will dropping the impeachment of Donald Trump heal the nation?

Not a chance, but it inches us a little closer in the right direction.

Move us forward, Mr. President.

You cannot unify a nation, or heal an addict, by continuing to supply them with their drug of choice.

You cannot ‘deprogram’ seventy million plus people.

That approach will keep us in addiction.

You can lead us out by ending the impeachment and lead us away from the addiction.

It’s your first step as they say in recovery.

I hope you take it.

See you out there.

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