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Divided we fall

Saturday, January 9, 2021

Jeff Dorris


I heard lots of comments this week regarding the assault on our nationís Capitol.

ďI canít believe this!Ē

ďHow could this happen?Ē

ďI never thought Iíd see the day!Ē


Ray Charles could have seen this coming.

This potís been percolating for weeks.

With half the nation up in arms over election fraud allegations, a year of violent protests, and then we top it all off with a giant rally held on the day of the electoral vote certification, it was the perfect storm.

What next?

Any remotely tiny glimmer of hope I had for this country to come together, went out the window with President-elect Bidenís response to the events of January 6.

Using words such as domestic terrorists, insurrectionists, and sedition stirred an already boiling pot.

Throw in a little racial injustice and the fuse on the next four years has been lit.

We donít need a crystal ball to see where this is heading folks.

There are indeed injustices occurring in our nation, but fanning the flames of those injustices will not put them out.

Itís painfully obvious weíre in for another four years of living in the problem, not the solution.

We need a moderate leader who can actually reach across the aisle and begin healing this deep rift in our nation.

Blessed is the peacemaker.

Well, where are they?

One look at local social media posts proves we canít even come together in our own backyard.

Sadly, I donít believe Biden is going to be able to pull it off.

Weíre not going to be linking arms and singing Kumbaya on the White House lawn anytime soon.

As the country stands itís a foolís errand to think we will unify in the next four years.

We can certainly hope, after all where would we be without our dreams?

Itíll make good television, but will it be good for our nation?

I think not.

See you out there.

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