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Safe but lonely

Saturday, September 26, 2020

We hear every day of more cancellations of events, more schools turning to virtual education, and of course, the constant ongoing arguments concerning safety protocols due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

But perhaps one of the saddest casualties through all of this is our seniors.

Specifically, our seniors in long-term care facilities.

Study after study has shown our seniors are not thriving due to the isolation brought on by visiting restrictions in our nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

This is in no way an attempt to disparage, put down, or diminish the fine work our area long-term care facilities provide.

They are some of the finest in the state.

I’ve seen the care they give their residents and I truly believe they are second to none.

However, that care cannot replace a visit from a loved one.

I have been convicted over the last few weeks of my lack in visiting my senior loved ones prior to the pandemic.

It’s true. Life does get busy and we tend to think our family members are okay and being well taken care of while we go about our daily lives.

Yes they are safe.

Safe but lonely.

I have to do better. I encourage all of us to do better. Even with restrictions in place we can call and we can write.

Ask any staff member and they’ll tell you how much cards and letters are appreciated.

The State of Missouri recognized the effects on the isolation experienced by our seniors and this week implemented new guidelines for long term-care facility visitations.

We have to keep all safe, residents, staff and visitors alike, and with these new guidelines in place hopefully we can, and be able to have in-house visitation as well.

The article concerning these guidelines is in today’s DDD. I encourage you to read it.

I must do better with my senior visits.

Missouri Health Care Association Executive Director Nikki Strong said, “Although the virus is still a significant threat to the vulnerable citizens we care for, it is time to safely reunite our residents with their loved ones.”


See you out there.

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