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Patriotism: Dead or alive?

Saturday, June 20, 2020

There is so much division in our country at this time from so many different groups.

It makes me wonder what the core problem is.

Is it black versus white?

Is it Democrat versus Republican?

Could it be socialism versus democracy?

Perhaps the core issue springs forth from a deeper issue.

A lack of love for country.

Is patriotism dying?

According to a survey conducted by the public opinion firm YouGov for the Foundation for Liberty and American Greatness it would appear so.

Some of these numbers are astounding.

The survey provided that one in five millennials views the American flag as a sign of intolerance and hatred, and two in five think it is okay to burn Old Glory.

Allegiance to the United States seems to be declining among all young Americans.

The survey revealed that half of millennials and Gen Z believe that America is what’s wrong with the entire world.

Young Americans seem more apt to embrace socialism. When asked whether America’s future should be driven by capitalism or socialism, 48 percent of younger Americans chose socialism.

I wonder at times if our youth, especially in our universities, are being educated or indoctrinated?

Equally disturbing is the fact that the survey also found a lack of basic civics and government knowledge among Americans of all ages.

Eight in ten Americans cannot name the five freedoms guaranteed in the First Amendment and less than half of respondents knew how many amendments were in the bill of rights.

However, there were some encouraging results.

Seventy-eight percent of younger Americans were proud to be Americans and eighty-five percent said they enjoyed seeing the flag displayed on the Fourth of July, although these numbers were even higher in older generations.

Could this be described as a crisis in our youth, and if so when did this shift occur?

Some say it began in the sixties with the Vietnam protestors.

Wherever it came from, this “epidemic” if you will, concerning the lack of American pride could be a major component of all the division.

Is patriotism dying?

It certainly seems headed in that direction.

See you out there.

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