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Heroes and character

Saturday, May 2, 2020

As Missouri prepares to open with restrictions, I felt it was time to honor those who have been on the front-lines these past few weeks.

America has learned a few good lessons recently.

Such as, truck drivers are way more important and valuable than the highest paid ball players and singers.

Donít believe it? Ask anybody whoís been hunting for toilet paper.

Also high on the hero list are grocery store employees.

They canít shelter in place or we would all starve to death. They are exposed to a daily stream of customers walking through their stores shopping for household staples.

They show up every day and do their best to serve the rest of us.

There are so many heroes, essentials, that Iím sure Iíll leave somebody out.

Apologies in advance.

We have the emergency medical personnel and healthcare workers.

When the ambulance call goes out they scramble to respond.

Firefighters and police officers. The possibility of their being exposed to the coronavirus is obvious.

Yet they come.

The doctors, nurses, medical technicians, and support staff all over the county stand ready.

They fear any exposure that they may bring home to their families. They risk their lives to save others.

The list continues.

The mail keeps coming.

When the electricity goes out the repair crews get it up and running.

Everyday heroes, like our neighbors.

Itís heart-warming to recognize that good people are everywhere helping others to make it through this.

Thereís the other side too.

The social media experts. The loudmouths and complainers.

The angry crowd shouting how everybody is out to get them. The conspiracy theorists.

Fortunately, for every angry critic thereís a devoted trucker.

For every whining complainer thereís a volunteer delivering groceries to an elderly neighbor.

Thatís character.

Thatís American character and thatís what will pull us through.

See you out there.

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