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Free Stuff

Saturday, May 4, 2019

I like free stuff.

Buy one get one free sales make me very happy.

My wife is a couponer and when she comes out of a store with three bags of items and hasnít had to pay a nickel, Iím downright giddy.

Notice Iím waiting in the car because I am not a couponer and I become uncomfortable when people get angry with the the lady holding up the line with all the coupons.

Yes, I like free stuff.

However, I am confused with so many federally subsidized programs being bandied about in the news recently.

These programs promise lots of free stuff.

This is not about calling out any particular political party. I just wonder how it would all work?

Basically, who would pay for it and how?

Here are a few that sound good to many, but I have trouble figuring out the logistics of the proposal.

Universal child care.

Yes, sounds good.

Child care is expensive.

The vision is for subsidized nurseries in every community.

The government would partner with services already provided by cities, schools, and nonprofits.Who would pay for this?

According to Sen. Elizabeth Warren everyone whose net worth exceeds $50 million.

I canít see that happening.

Debt free college.

Again sounds good.

College costs have soared and many are burdened with student loan payoffs for years.

The proposed legislation would make community and four-year public colleges free for students from families earning less than $125,000 a year.

The wealthy in America would again have to foot the bill.

There are so many of these proposals.

Medicare for all being another one.

Again, I like free stuff but I just canít see how these programs are feasible.

Is there a big enough wallet?

Aside from the financial issue I wonder about the society that would spring from these programs?

Are we raising a generation of people that just want to be taken care of?

If these programs were to pass I believe it would kill more than just the wallet of the rich.

I believe it would kill something even more precious than money in our young people.


It may already have a good start.

See you out there.

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