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Saturday, April 20, 2019

I was shocked this week while reading social media posts concerning the April 2 election.

Some stated they were not aware of an election.

Some accused the election wasnít publicized enough.

Some even said that the voting hours were not convenient for them.

After reading these posts I came away with a couple of questions.

Is the public taking ownership and/or responsibility for their own awareness of issues?

Are we taking our freedoms within our democracy at the local level for granted?

Are we spoon-feeding individuals information and is social media handicapping people so that their drive or initiative to find information for themselves has vanished?

The answers to these questions involves actively making time to be informed.

It can be challenging with our busy schedules, but it doesnít have to be difficult.

If people are choosing not to be informed, are citizens taking for granted the importance of our democracy at a local level?

Our local government is the foundation on which the the state and federal governments are built.

With the size of the area we live in, our citizens have an opportunity to have a voice.

Yet so very few voted.

And as always following an election the grumbling and complaining has already started.

My question will always be, did you vote?

Making an impact in an area our size isnít trivial.

Itís easy to take our democracy and our freedom for granted.

Donít let that happen.

Positive change happens when we are informed and work together.

See you out there.

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