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A love for books

Saturday, February 23, 2019

I have always loved to read.

As a young child I had an extensive collection of Little Golden Books that my mother would read to me.

As I grew, I latched on to every Dr. Seuss and Disney book I could get my hands on.

Do you love to read?

Indeed I do.

I love to read.

How about you?

In grade school I couldn’t wait to buy books from the insert in the weekly reader.

I fondly remember how excited I was when the teacher would place my stack of books on my desk.

In second grade the school called my parents in for a conference.

I had done exceptionally well on an aptitude test.

I answered correctly on subjects that the teacher had never taught the class.

They quickly discovered I wasn’t a genius, however I did read the encyclopedia.

My parents had bought the World Book encyclopedias. When those books entered our home and were placed in that beautiful wood case, I thought I was in heaven.

Over the years I’ve joined many book clubs and spent hours and many dollars in bookstores.

However, my most beloved connection to books has always been my public library.

I absolutely remember giving my first book report to Miss Eunice Marks for the summer reading program in my hometown library.

I remember the book.

Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain. I remember her listening patiently as I told her how much I enjoyed that classic.

When Miss Marks passed a few years ago, it was like I had lost a family member.

She had been so important to me.

She introduced me to so many wonderful books throughout my life.

As a kid I loved the “Secret Seven” and “Encyclopedia Brown” series.

As I grew I pored over biographies, mysteries, and self-help books.

I’m so thankful we have such a wonderful library here in Kennett.

When I go in, it’s like visiting an old friend.

They’re all here.

Tom Sawyer, Peter Pan, Robin Hood.

I encourage you to instill a love of reading in your child.

In this age of video games with their high tech graphics and loud noise and music, there is still nothing that compares to opening a book and getting caught up in a rollicking adventure that you envision in your mind.

I love to read.

Take your child to your branch of the Dunklin County Library and introduce them to a world of imagination and a friend that will always be there.

The love of reading is truly one of the most wonderful gifts you can give them.

See you out there.

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