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Make America great again

Saturday, February 2, 2019

There have been many memorable presidential campaign slogans throughout the years.

I like Ike, Nixon’s the one, and simply Hope.

In 1896 William McKinley declared Patriotism, Protection and Prosperity.

Perhaps none have been so controversial as our current President’s, Make America Great Again.

Some say it represents a return to a time of prosperity for the nation.

A time when the economy was strong, the middle class was booming, and America was a beacon of hope for the entire world.

Others say the slogan hearkens back to a time of great racial oppression, misogyny, and restricted civil rights.

Perhaps we should try some variations of the slogan.

How about Make America Constitutional again?

Many today feel our Constitution is antiquated and out of touch with today’s society.

Advocates for doing away with the Constitution state they are against people who are long dead telling us what kind of country to have.

But if we were to start over and write a new Constitution wouldn’t future generations say the same thing?

Where would it end?

Coming soon to a congress near you, Constitution number 12, sequels to follow.

Or Make America Moral Again.

I certainly don’t believe we can be the moral police or regulate morality.

But when a state passes a law allowing full term abortions of their children, there is something truly wrong with the culture of that society.

Not only passing the law but celebrating it as well, by bathing buildings in pink light.

The New York law does state the abortion can be performed if it’s necessary for the “life or health” of the mother.

However, “health” is defined so very broadly that it is virtually meaningless.

Finally, let’s Make America United Again.

Now that’s going to be difficult.

It almost seems beyond reach at this moment in time.

Americans can’t agree on healthcare, border security, or standing for our national anthem.

We are actually divided on how many genders there are.

The social media giant Facebook offers a list of 58 gender options!

New York City will soon join Oregon, California, Washington, and New Jersey in allowing individuals to choose a nonbinary gender marker on their birth certificate.

It seems at times like I’m not just living in another country but another planet.

Maybe the slogan should read What Happened To America?

What indeed.

See you out there.

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