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Making rural communities desirable places to live

Saturday, December 15, 2018

On Thursday I attended a retirement party for Susan Luce at the Dunklin County Courthouse.

Luce, is retiring as the Dunklin County Recorder of Deeds, a position she has held since 1980.

As I witnessed her family, friends, and co-workers congratulating her and sharing memories of her time in office I thought, here is a person who well served her county.

She well served her community.

She exemplified excellence in public office and a genuine care for her neighbors in the county.

Thank you, Susan.

Several in the county filed to run for local offices throughout Dunklin County on Tuesday.

I hope they all take a page from Luce’s handbook.

It will be interesting in the spring to see who will govern our community and what plans they’ll initiate for our future.

Will there be a visionary among them who will share new ideas and brainstorm fresh strategies to help propel us to growth and prosperity?

Perhaps one will look at past administrations and use ideas that were successful, while also learning from mistakes they may have made.

One thing is for sure.

If we are to make our rural communities desirable places to live we must offer economic opportunities.

If not, young people will not live here no matter how much they want to.

We should focus and promote our assets.

We have strong small schools.

We have a sense of community. We know and care about each other. A prime example of this occurred earlier in the year when local agencies, county neighbors, and area first responders came to Malden in their time of need following the aftermath from a devastating tornado.

That’s community.

We have to get our young people and families involved in the community. If we want them to stay we must give them some influence in making this a place they want to live.

I would like to see some of our talented young citizens step up and be involved in our local politics.

I look forward to the coming year and and am anxious to see what direction our community leaders take us.

Growth and prosperity is attainable in our county.

If we work together, tweak some of that old status quo and have the courage to invite and adopt fresh strategies, we’ll get there.

I look forward to the journey and encourage all of us to be part of it.

See you out there.

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