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Is Patriotism Alive and Well?

Saturday, November 10, 2018

As we honor our men and women for their military service this Veteranís Day, I ask the question is patriotism alive and well?

It would not appear so if you focus on the flag burners, the national anthem kneeling athletes, and the extreme divisiveness in our country.

One wonders if those from the greatest generation would even recognize the good old U.S.A.

Iíll admit it can be disheartening at times.

In my travels this week though, I believe Iíve seen acts of patriotism.

You have to look for it, but itís there.

Itís in the veterans who visited the schools this week and shared the importance of service and honor.

Itís in the students who listened intently and asked questions of those who served.

Itís in the Rotary members who stood together and sang God Bless The USA at their annual Veteranís Breakfast.

Itís in the children with their little hands over their hearts reciting the pledge of allegiance as best they could.

Itís in the friendship of two friends in Malden, one Democrat, one Republican, who can agree to disagree and still drink coffee together at the local cafe.

Itís in those in our community who wear red, white, and blue outfits.

Itís in those who hang the wreaths and place the flags on the graves of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

Itís in the tears of the old vet, who cries listening to the story of a fellow veteran.

Itís in a stadium full of Americans at a campaign rally singing Amazing Grace as a doctor attends to his patient.

Itís there.

Patriotism is there if you look for it.

I pray for a time in our country when we wonít have to look quite so hard for it.

God Bless the veterans.

God Bless the USA.

See you out there.

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