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Extended museum hours

The Malden Historical Museum, 201 N. Beckwith, is now open Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons from 1:30 to 4:30. Admission is free. Donations are accepted. Virginia Hoehn and Elizabeth Haskins are the docents.


Winter Storm Warning in effect until 6:00 AM CST on Thursday for Dunklin County and Pemiscot County
Flash Flood Watch in effect until noon CST on Wednesday for Dunklin County and Pemiscot County
Dense Fog Advisory in effect until 10:00 AM CST for Dunklin County and Pemiscot County
Winter Storm Warning in effect until 6:00 AM CST on Thursday for Clay County, Arkansas and 7 other counties in Arkansas
Winter Storm Watch in effect until 6:00 AM CST on Thursday for Butler County and 10 other counties in Missouri
Flood Watch in effect until noon CST on Wednesday for New Madrid County and Mississippi County
Top News
Weather- then and now (02/27/15)
Comparisons can be made between the first photo, taken this past week as Malden CIty crews shoveled snow and opened...
Youth Museum suffers weather damages (02/26/15)
Bootheel Youth Museum Director Patsy Reublin estimates there to be at least $2,000 in damages resulting from winter...
History made- through education (02/25/15)
During the July 1954 assembly of the Malden Board of Education, members ended segregation at Malden High School....
Valentine's Day celebrated at residential homes (02/20/15)
On any given holiday, possibly the most lively place to be in the community is at area residential facilities. This...
Black History Month commemorated (02/19/15)
"May the work we've done speak for us" were the words inscribed on a plaque presented in honor of Sylvester and Matilda...
Winter weather covers region (02/18/15)
Monday morning snow built up atop the sleet which had gathered throughout the night prior and continued for several...
Gov. Nixon discusses benefits of trade with Cuba in Bernie visit (02/17/15)
Gov. Jay Nixon Friday was joined by Missouri Department of Agriculture Director Richard Fordyce and regional...
State and local Emergency Agencies declare earthquake awareness (02/17/15)
Each February, Missouri observes Earthquake Awareness Month to educate the public about the very real threat of another...
Malden's annual Mardi Gras makes a mark (02/11/15)
An estimated $65,000 was raised Saturday night at Malden's thirteenth annual Mardi Gras held at and for the Bootheel...
Citizen Chat

Q: Where is it not a good idea to spend your next summer vacation? A: Death Valley.

During these days of protest, burning & looting, worries about the morass in the Middle East, illegals being pardoned by edict, and other problems diametrically dividing this nation, the tendency might be to wrap yourself in a cocoon, or straying no further than your front yard. Ironically, Yahoo Travel has chosen these hectic times to warn us about where we shouldn't vacation.

Without going into serious detail, here are some brief statements as to why Yahoo Travel says these places are over-rated:

1. Los Angeles - None of the vaunted Hollywood ambiance, and very difficult to get around in.

2. The Pyramids - You can see them in any Pizza Hut in the surrounding area. And the venders

hound your every footstep.

3. Stonehinge - Just a bunch of rocks you can't get very close to.

4. Paris - Main complaint is the superior attitude and rudeness of restaurant employees.

5. Venice - Overpriced, and the famous canals unclean.

6. Dubai - The tall buildings become a bore. Devoid of any cultural sites.

7. Jamaica - Rude, pushy, venders, and lots of poverty.

8. Bali - Dirty beaches.

Strange that Yahoo Travel would choose these particular places when there are probably many spots in this country somewhat over-rated. Considering the fact of different strokes for different folks, here are few:

New Orleans - Beyond the tourist traps, and Bourbon St., New Orleans is a sprawling mass of dirty streets.

. East Coast of Florida - Fierce traffic, and some of the beaches badly littered.

. Panama City, FL - Once a quaint village, now a mass of carnival rides, and gift shops.

. Gatlinburg, TN - Nature spoiled by t-shirt shops and artificial hoopla.

. Alligator Alley, FL - Alligators unseen amongst an endless swamp of trees and sameness.

. Civil War Battlefields - Highly interesting if you really know what happened there. But for some just a bunch of cannons and monuments.

We could go on with others. So is there anyplace we might all be able to agree on as a pleasant experience for a vacation? In seeing it yourself, and listening to other people, the unifying agreement is the presence of Beauty. Here are some don't misses for beauty:

* The Grand Canyon - An awesome, breath taking, example of nature's extremes.

. Shenandoah Valley of Virginia - A verdant mass of vegetation in the Spring, and kaleidoscopic colors in the Fall.

. The wine country of California, or its 17-mile drive through Pebble Beach & Pacific Grove on the Monterey Peninsula.

Warning: Forsake the "heady" experience of vacationing in any part of the Middle East; and don't visit Death Valley in the summertime.

Q: What would every grown golfer like to do sometimes?

A: The Golf Channel had a hilarious video the other day showing a perhaps 4-year old tot missing a very short putt. At which time he screamed bloody murder, and then fell on the ground kicking and crying. Under the same circumstances most of us who play this brilliantly stupid game would like to do the identical thing. But it's just not socially acceptable.

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