Should O.J. Simpson be paroled?

What grade would you give President Trump so far?

Should fireworks be outlawed inside the Kennett city limits?

How much do you spend on fireworks?

Are you in favor of Gov. Greitens calling multiple special sessions?

What is your favorite cable news station?

Are you in favor of tearing down Confederate monuments?

Are Americans less patriotic than they were 10 years ago?

Will you participate in the 100 Mile Yard Sale?

How far will you travel on vacation this summer?

Are you concerned about alleged Trump/Russia connections?

How important is it to you to buy local to support Kennett businesses?

What country poses the biggest threat to the U.S.?

How should Missouri fund road repairs?

Do you agree with the president's action in Syria?

How will the Cardinals finish the 2017 season?

Do you support a .5 cent sales tax divided between senior citizens services and the City of Kennett?

Should Neil Gorsuch be confirmed as Supreme Court justice?

Will you fill out a March Madness bracket?

Should former presidents get involved in politics?