How many years have you lived in Dunklin County?

What should be the top priority for Missouri?

Which country is the biggest threat to the United States?

Do you believe 2021 will be a good year?

What's your favorite Christmas tradition?

Which holiday treat do you prefer?

Will our region see significant snowfall this winter?

Should President Trump concede the election?

Do you believe your civil rights have been violated due to COVID restrictions?

Will you take a COVID vaccination when approved?

Do you believe the outcome of the Presidential election will change?

Will COVID-19 alter your Thanksgiving plans this year?

Should all Missouri elected state offices have term limits?

Is this the lowest point in history you can remember?

Do you have a fire extinguisher in your home?

What do you feel are the top issues facing America?

Will you watch the Presidential debates?

If you could pick one, which would you choose?

Do you think Trick-or-Treat should be cancelled this year?

What is your favorite pick-me-up beverage?