Has the government shutdown affected you in any way?

How many times a day are you on your phone?

The Government Shutdown - Agree or Disagree?

What New Year's resolution are you more likely to keep?

What is your favorite Christmas tradition?

If you could travel in time, would you want to see ...

When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone on paper?

Which holiday drink do you prefer?

How is your Christmas shopping going?

What is your favorite Thanksgiving side dish?

Do you decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving?

Illegal immigration hurts the economy.

Who will win the 2018 World Series?

What is your favorite comfort food?

Which of these issues concerns you the most?

Do you like salt on your food?

No one remembers your birthday. What do you do?

Which do you enjoy the most at the Delta Fair?

Will you watch the NFL in spite of Anthem controversy?

How many jobs have you held at one time?