Have you stayed in touch with your graduating class?

Which would you rather have?

Do you enjoy the blockbuster superhero movies?

What sound annoys you the most?

Do you support a medical marijuana site in Kennett?

Do you sleep with a fan on all year?

What do you think our local politicians should make a priority?

Would you allow your family to star on a reality show?

What do you like most about Spring?

Which would you rather have?

As a kid, what was your biggest sibling argument?

Who is the best cook in your family?

When do you predict the next big quake in the Bootheel?

You must give up one. Which one will you choose?

How interested are you in the State of the Union address?

Did you take a vacation out of state last year?

Would you approve of recreational marijuana in Missouri?

Has the government shutdown affected you in any way?

How many times a day are you on your phone?

The Government Shutdown - Agree or Disagree?