First word thought concerning immigrants?

Do you believe age should be a factor with the Presidency?

How many times a week do you eat as a family?

Will you be attending this year's Fall Into Arts Festival?

Would you support a ban on assault weapons?

Which do you prefer?

What is your biggest concern for the area?

Do you support NASA and space exploration?

What helps you relieve stress?

Would you rather have ...

Which of these sites do you use the most?

Do you support the planned immigration raids?

Do you believe tariffs benefit the area farmer?

What's the biggest issue facing the area?

Trying to lose weight, would you rather be on a ...

What are your vacation plans for the summer?

Do you agree with the Missouri anti-abortion bill?

Have you stayed in touch with your graduating class?

Which would you rather have?

Do you enjoy the blockbuster superhero movies?