Do you agree with the decision not to fund Medicaid expansion?

Should the Cardinals sign Pujols for the remainder of the season?

Should the U.S. military be required to receive COVID vaccinations?

Should Daylight Savings Time be made permanent?

Do you support adding Justices to the Supreme Court?

Do you agree with the decision to move the All-Star game?

Should COVID vaccinations be required for air travel?

Should Washington D.C. be granted statehood?

How do you sleep?

How often do you check your bank balance?

Do you plan to travel more than 90 miles this summer?

Should a photo ID be required to vote?

Do you support a $15 minimum wage?

Are Labor Unions still necessary?

Do you believe our nation can unify?

Will the Kansas City Chiefs repeat as Super Bowl champs?

Was it a good idea to cancel the Keystone XL Pipeline?

How many years have you lived in Dunklin County?

What should be the top priority for Missouri?

Which country is the biggest threat to the United States?