What do you think the US Supreme Court should do on the OSHA vaccine requirement for COVID-19?

Did you make a New Year resolution?

Is global warming responsible for the unseasonably warm temps in December?

Will you be going out for New Year’s Eve?

What are you most grateful for this holiday season?

How much of your holiday shopping is done?

Will you do more of your holiday shopping online or in-store?

Will you be traveling for Thanksgiving or staying home?

Which type of holiday dessert do you prefer?

Have you taken advantage of the early Black Friday deals?

Do you agree with Gov. Parson not supporting the vaccine mandate?

Have you weatherized your home for Winter?

If it was financially feasible, would you travel to space as a tourist?

Do you plan to get a Flu shot this year?

Did you go to the Delta Fair this year?

Do you subscribe to a livestream service such as Netflix?

How often do you use a delivery service for restaurant food?

Have you returned to the movie theater yet?

What's your favorite part of Fall?

Do you agree with the City Council's decision to oppose the current hospital Certificate of Need?