What is your favorite Thanksgiving side dish?

Do you decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving?

Illegal immigration hurts the economy.

Who will win the 2018 World Series?

What is your favorite comfort food?

Which of these issues concerns you the most?

Do you like salt on your food?

No one remembers your birthday. What do you do?

Which do you enjoy the most at the Delta Fair?

Will you watch the NFL in spite of Anthem controversy?

How many jobs have you held at one time?

Will you remember John McCain as a hero?

What is more important to you?

If you saw someone being bullied, what would you do?

Which scares you the most?

Do you support the Propositions for new county hospital?

Do you agree with the Kennett School District's new security policy?

Will the Cardinals make the 2018 playoffs under new manager Mike Shildt?

What time do you usually have dinner?

Do you believe President Trump's deal with Kim Jong Un ended the nuclear threat with North Korea?