Delta Area Economic Opportunity Corporation LOCATION: PORTAGEVILLE CENTRAL OFFICE POSITION: STAFF DEVELOPMENT SPECIALIST The applicant will be responsible for the overall planning and implementation of the Programsí training for staff and coordinate with service staff as it relates to the HS/EHS Personnel, parents and performance standards. Duties will include but not limited to data collection and compilation of information on training needs assessment, maintaining records and resources for all HS/EHS staff; develop individual training plans and materials for CDA candidates in coordination with the Education Specialist and Center Directors, and coordinate with educational institutions and training entities for classes, workshops, etc. for staff. Applicant must have a BA degree in Education (or related field) and two or more years experience with coordinating training needs, a current driverís license valid in Missouri, transportation and insurance. APPLICATION/RESUME INCLUDING TRANSCRIPT COPIES MUST BE SENT IN BY JANUARY 31, 2017. SEND TO: DAEOC HR DEPARTMENT 99 SKYVIEW ROAD PORTAGEVILLE, MO 63873 FAX: 379-2175 E/O/E