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Cali Living by Cindy Hine -- Nick names

Posted Tuesday, February 12, 2008, at 2:32 PM

Since the World Wide Web opened our world up to everything under the sun, I have been called some pretty ugly names! "Email queen" being one of them.

Geez, what abuse right? I'm really tired of being the subject of "cell phone slurs". So what do we call those individuals who will not use email for any reason? Or those people who have horrible email etiquette? The most annoying emails are from some certain persons who forget their caps lock is on and send their entire message in a LOUD tone!

Lately my friends have picked up a new name for me, "crackberry queen"! I can't help it but I love my blackberry!!! How great to be able to get email AND text messages AND surf the net in one very small device! I'm in heaven.

"No," I have not checked into a local support group yet, but I was thinking maybe a song would come out for us who need cell phone rehab! Or maybe some of us could check into a beautiful rehab center overlooking the ocean to re- prioritize our lives. After all this is Southern California, shouldn't we have a facility like this?

What do we call iphone addicts? Or Treo addicts! Send me your suggestions because I know a few people who have earned a special name TOO, as do you I bet!

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I heard one last week called the "blackberry prayer." That's where everyone sitting in a meeting has their head down like they are in prayer, but are actully checking their blackberry for email. The guy that told me that was sitting next to me in a meeting as I was "praying.'

-- Posted by bthlr on Thu, Feb 14, 2008, at 7:34 AM

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