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Roundup - 6/14/09

Posted Sunday, June 14, 2009, at 3:42 PM

Yesterday's game

The Cardinals looked so-so in a win over the Indians yesterday. Again, the offense was stagnant barring Albert Pujols, who went 3-for-4 with two home runs and a double. The only other run the Cards could muster was scored on a wild pitch. The Cards are not going to be able to continue winning games by relying on Pujols to drive everyone in. There has to be a combination of people like Ludwick starting to hit again and a move to bring in a bat, but given Cardinals President Bill DeWitt's comments today in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the latter won't be happening soon.

DeWitt stated that a big trade would not be likely at this juncture. Part of the reason is that the market for a trade isn't very good right now, considering that the Cardinals have sat on their hands as the value of possible players has gone up over the last few weeks. He also said the Cardinals are "in a pretty good position," given that they are right in the thick of the NL Central standings. However, the reason they are right there in the standings isn't because they have the necessary talent; it's because teams like the Brewers and Cubs are scuffling. If DeWitt thinks the current personnel is going to win the NL Central, he is badly mistaken. I understand being able to wait for the market to open up since the Cards are still in the race right now, but his comments just came across as to say the team shouldn't be expecting any significant help at all this year. All he really talked about was the Cardinals' financial situation given the economy, which is admittedly better than most other teams (the team has sold more than 3 million tickets this season). He has gone on record to say that the funds are available if a trade is desirable. Hopefully some teams start falling out of contention and want to unload some guys.

The biggest bright spot for the Cards was Brad Thompson's great performance, giving up just one unearned run through six innings. If he can continually keep up a similar level of performance, the Cards will have to consider replacing Todd Wellemeyer with Thompson as the fifth man in the rotation when Kyle Lohse returns. Only time will tell.

Khalil Greene update

As most Cards fans know, Khalil Greene has been struggling with anxiety this season, which has landed him in Memphis on a rehab assignment. He was supposed to rejoin the Cardinals this weekend, but it has been reported that he will be going back down to Memphis to get work in at third base. First of all, this is basically the front office admitting that Troy Glaus is a non-factor for this season. Second of all, it shows they are crossing their fingers that Greene can fill in at that spot so they don't have to get outside help. This kind of baffles me. The guy has an anxiety disorder, so you decide to try to give him a position switch? Obviously, third is easier than shortstop to play and requires less thinking and more reaction, but is this really going to help anyone? I'm sorry, but he's not going to get the job done. The Cardinals are just desperate because they overpaid for him and need to try to get some production out of him so they don't look bad. They need to get Mark DeRosa talks going right now. He will boost this team in every aspect significantly. Khalil is not the answer at third. Neither are Thurston or Barden. Period.

Dominican hope?

The Cardinals are set to conduct a workout with Dominican SS prospect Miguel Angel Sano this week, per the Post-Gazette out of Pittsburgh. Sano is supposedly an elite athlete who is drawing comparisons to Hanley Ramirez in terms of his physique and Albert Pujols in terms of his ability. This makes the third Dominican standout the Cardinals have taken a look at this season. Hopefully they can tap into that resource like other teams are doing. This is a big step in the development of the Cards' farm system if they can get some of these guys. They won't be cheap to sign, however.

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