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Mizzou Basketball
Posted Saturday, January 9, at 10:38 PM
I'm going to stray away from my typical Cardinals blogging to talk a little bit about the Missouri basketball team. After a season in which the Tigers jumped onto the national scene by winning the Big XII tournament and advancing to the Elite 8 round of the NCAA tournament, this was supposed to be a down year due to the loss of DeMarre Carroll, Leo Lyons and Matt Lawrence...

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Holliday Signs With Cardinals
Posted Tuesday, January 5, at 5:13 PM

It seems as though Matt Holliday has signed a 7-year deal worth $120 million with the Cardinals. Now that the deal is done, what are your thoughts? What should the Cardinals do next? Do they need bullpen help, or should they pursue a third baseman?

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Matt Holliday
Posted Wednesday, December 30, at 5:11 PM

It's been a while since my last blog. Between work and finishing up another semester of MBA classes, I didn't have much time to get on here. As a result of the recent Jason Bay signing by the Mets, it seems as though Matt Holliday will remain a Cardinal. ...

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Smoltz now a Cardinal
Posted Wednesday, August 19, at 1:46 PM

Joe Strauss has just confirmed that the deal for John Smoltz is done, and he'll be wearing the Birds on the Bat. More details will come later.

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John Smoltz likely coming in
Posted Tuesday, August 18, at 8:25 PM

Jayson Stark of ESPN is reporting that Smoltz is "strongly leaning" toward coming to St. Louis, even after the Cards expressed interest in putting him in late-inning bullpen situations. Smoltz started 8 games for the Red Sox, posting an ERA over 8, but in his last 7 outings, his ERA in the first two innings was 0.64. ...

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Smoltz to St. Louis? UPDATE
Posted Tuesday, August 18, at 2:14 PM

UPDATE: Smoltz is currently on waivers and the Cardinals are extremely big players for him, but nothing will be official until tomorrow. Joe Strauss reports that no teams will likely put in a claim. If he goes unclaimed, I think the Cardinals will likely get him...

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DeRosa classified as Type-A Free Agent
Posted Thursday, July 30, at 7:21 PM

The Elias Sports Bureau's recent FA projections have Mark DeRosa listed as a Type-A free agent at the end of the season if he continues his current pace. What this means is that if the Cardinals offer him arbitration and he declines and is signed by another team, the Cardinals get two first-round picks from that team. Matt Holliday will be a Type-A after the season as well, so the Cardinals could get as many as five first-round draft picks for next year...

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New Arrival
Posted Saturday, July 25, at 5:16 PM

I feel as though I've not done my duty as a blogger during the Matt Holliday acquisition, but it couldn't really be helped. I knew on Thursday night there was almost a 100 percent chance we were getting Holliday, but I wasn't able to blog since my internet is on the fritz at my apartment. At any rate, let me get into some discussion...

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First-Half Observations
Posted Monday, July 13, at 1:07 PM

It's been quite a while since I've written in this blog. Credit that to a combination of moving and finishing up one of my summer graduate school courses. At any rate, here are some observations I've made about the Cardinals and other teams throughout the season...

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The Preachers
Posted Monday, June 29, at 10:29 AM

This is a column I wrote this past school year for my school newspaper, where I was the sports editor. The column is written about Harding University, which is a private university associated with the churches of Christ. I thought some of the readers might find it a bit humorous, but keep in mind that this is very facetious writing...

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Cardinals obtain DeRosa
Posted Saturday, June 27, at 10:10 PM

Just a quick update post here. The Cardinals have traded RHP Chris Perez and a player to be named later to Cleveland for Mark DeRosa. DeRosa is currently hitting .270 with 13 home runs and 50 RBIs. Looks like the Cardinals have obtained their third baseman, and he will also be able to spell left-handed outfielders when a lefty is pitching. ...

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Cardinals serious contenders for Holliday?
Posted Wednesday, June 24, at 3:37 PM

Joe Strauss, the Cardinals beat writer for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, had the following to say about Athletics slugger Matt Holliday: "My information is that Holliday badly wants to play in St. Louis and would be receptive to a long-term arrangement if the Cardinals acquire him. That said, the A's are asking a ransom for him (Ludwick, Motte/Perez, prospect). That price may drop next month. However, right now it's one the Cardinals aren't prepared to play."...

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Most overrated baseball players
Posted Monday, June 22, at 3:58 PM

Here is this week's installment of The Payoff Pitch, where I'll voice my opinions on non-Cardinals-related issues. This week, I'm going to list my opinion on the most overrated baseball players in the history of the game. Let's be honest; the only reason Rizzuto is in the Hall of Fame is because he was on the Yankees. ...

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What slump?
Posted Sunday, June 21, at 8:39 PM

In a rematch of the 1985 World Series, the Cardinals traveled across I-70 to take on the Royals in what turned out to be a romp in every sense of the word. The Redbirds outscored KC 29-11 in the three-game set, sweeping them in convincing fashion and leaving town with a 1.5 game lead in the NL Central...

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Is NASCAR a sport?
Posted Tuesday, June 16, at 11:54 AM

Here, I'm going to introduce a new section of this blog where I discuss my opinions on things outside of the Cardinals since not much is going on with the Redbirds right now. These opinions may or may not be sports-related depending on what I'm thinking about that day...

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Roundup - 6/14/09
Posted Sunday, June 14, at 3:42 PM

The Cardinals looked so-so in a win over the Indians yesterday. Again, the offense was stagnant barring Albert Pujols, who went 3-for-4 with two home runs and a double. The only other run the Cards could muster was scored on a wild pitch. The Cards are not going to be able to continue winning games by relying on Pujols to drive everyone in. ...

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Cardinals vs. Indians - 6-12-09
Posted Friday, June 12, at 4:08 PM

There are a few things to discuss about today's game with the Indians, so let's get going. FSN Midwest's website confirmed that Brian Barden has been optioned to AAA Memphis, while pitcher P.J. Walters has been recalled. You may remember Walters being blistered in his first stint earlier this season. ...

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Redbird Roundup is back
Posted Friday, June 12, at 12:01 AM

After nearly a year-long hiatus, the Redbird Roundup is back. I hope to blog almost daily with my analysis and viewpoints on the happenings in Cardinal Nation. With that being said, let's get down to business. After a grueling stretch where the offense seemingly couldn't hit water in the ocean, the Cardinals have posted 19 runs in the previous two games. ...

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Welcome back
Posted Monday, June 30, at 10:18 PM

'Twas an exciting win for the Cardinals against the Mets. First of all, welcome back to Mark Mulder. After lots of rehab and frustration following two shoulder surgeries, the lefty came out of the bullpen to toss a scoreless frame in a 7-1 win. His velocity reached 92, which is a vast improvement over the 86-mph ceiling he was hitting before his surgeries. ...

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Those silly Cardinals
Posted Friday, June 27, at 10:48 PM

Oh, those silly Cardinals. They just love to get beat up by teams with records under the .500 mark, don't they? A day after losing a series to the sub-par Tigers, the Cards dropped their fourth game of the year to the mighty Royals. Some of that is due to an unlucky draw -- the Tigers and Royals have been sizzling lately, especially the Royals, who own the Majors' best interleague record...

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