Letter to the Editor

PBRMC CEO Letter to the Editor: Doctor’s Day 2022

Thursday, March 31, 2022
Rick Naegler, PBRMC CEO

Delivering medical care during a global pandemic has required teamwork at the highest level, and doctors are fundamental to this effort. As the country celebrates Doctors’ Day on March 30, I invite you to join me in recognizing the heroic work of all physicians. The COVID-19 pandemic has called upon the expertise and skills of our local physicians and many more in the larger medical community who have worked to detect, treat, cure and develop vaccines against this highly infectious disease.

Life has been disrupted by lockdowns and restrictions but chronic diseases and medical crises have kept going. Doctors on our medical staff at Poplar Bluff Regional Medical Center (PBRMC) have been steadfast partners supporting the safety and wellness of patients and our community. They’ve helped us adapt our practices as more is learned about the virus, its treatment and the prevention of spread. I’ve never been more grateful for their support.

Their knowledge and skills helped the more than 42,500 patient visits to our Emergency Room and the more than 262,800 patients admitted last year. While we cared for 1,200 COVID-19 positive patients, routine care also continued. Women delivered their newborns, medical emergencies were treated, surgeries were performed and a myriad of other medical concerns were addressed. Many providers adapted to new practices, using tele-visits to ease access. The 201,000 patients who went to a clinic were seen in a safe environment to get care for chronic conditions and routine check-ups.

On this Doctors’ Day, please join me in reaching out to the physicians you know to say thank you. Today we acknowledge their contributions, sacrifices, skills and unwavering concern for patients. Let’s be sure they know how grateful we are.

Rick Naegler is Chief Executive Officer of PBRMC.

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