What is our most pressing economic concern at this moment?

What is your favorite Thanksgiving tradition?

Are you in favor of Eaker Air Force Base re-opening?

Do you attend an honor service on Veteran's Day?

Would you prefer year-round Standard Time or year-round Daylight Saving Time?

Do you support term limits for Congress?

To what degree should the U.S. be involved in the war in Israel?

Is crime a problem in Kennett?

Do you plan to take a COVID booster this fall?

What's your favorite part of Halloween?

What's your favorite Delta Fair event?

Would you support a municipal city-wide trash service?

Did the GOP debate change your mind on any candidate?

Does your household have an established school-time routine?

Will you be attending Friday night High School Football games?

Which lie do you tell the most?

What was your favorite movie of the summer?

Will you be doing your back to school shopping during the tax free holiday?

What is your favorite summertime beverage?

What is most important to your quality of life?