Family traditions fade away

Saturday, December 2, 2017

The times they are a-changing.

It sure seems that way.

Traditions that were held in high esteem now seem to be quickly fading away.

Standing for the national anthem and school prayer come to mind.

Aside from these national attention grabbers however, are the traditions that I so fondly remember that revolve around family.

Here are few that spring to mind.

Family reunions.

When I was younger these were always eagerly anticipated and painstakingly organized.

For my family they were usually held in the spring around Easter break.

Relatives would come from all over to visit, reminisce, swap stories, play games and of course eat.

This tradition seems to have lost its appeal with the younger generation.

Over the summer my family held a cousins reunion and what a time we had.

So many memories and tears as we all shared how our parents and grandparents would be so happy to have all of us together.

It was the first time some of us had seen each other in decades.

We plan on having another next year and I hope we follow through with it and not allow more years to slip away before seeing each other.

Family suppers.

Mom, Dad and the kids all gathered around the table to share a meal.

I confess I am guilty in letting this tradition fall to the wayside, but looking back, oh how I miss it.

My mother calling out for my brother and I from the porch, announcing to the neighborhood, supper is on the table.

Riding our bikes home and listening to Dad tell us about his workday, Mom sharing details about a letter she had received,(another thing people no longer do) and of course my brother and I taking it all in.

Boy, there was a lot of love around that table.

I’ve always said I hope the good Lord has that table in Heaven so my family and I can sit around it and experience it all over again.

We’ve become such a busy society that a simple thing like family suppers seem impossible to pull off.

Always in a hurry, something always coming up.

Which leads me to another tradition that I truly miss.


I remember Sunday as a day of rest, worship and yes, family.

You started the day with church, singing praises to God and hearing a sermon to edify you through the week.

You went as a family.

Not a bad start to the day, wouldn’t you agree?

You spent Sundays with your family.

Stores weren’t open. Sunday afternoons you would go to your grandparents. It’s very rare now.

Sunday’s more or less another day to do your chores, wash your clothes, and go shopping.

I miss these family traditions.

Some would ask if there really that important?

Maybe not, but looking around at our world today, I wonder if we couldn’t use a good visit with relatives, a church singing and fellowship, and of course a good meal shared with family.

I sure hope that kitchen table is in Heaven.

See you out there.

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