Marin J. Corp. is seeking 40 people to temporarily harvest watermelons in Dunklin County, MO 06/30/2019 to 08/17/2019. Piece rates may be offered depending on crop activity, but $13.34 an hr. is guaranteed. of contract guaranteed. Work tools, supplies, and equipment will be provided at no cost to the worker. Free housing, for those that cannot reasonably return to their permanent residence at the end of each working day. Transportation and subsistence expenses to the worksite will be provided or paid by the employer upon completion of 50% of the work contract. All applicants will have to complete an interview before employment is granted. For more information, contact Missouri Department of Economic Development, Division of Workforce Development, Programs/Foreign Labor Certification, P.O. Box 1087 421 East Dunklin St., Jefferson City, MO 65102-1087@ (573) 751-9571 or Jorge Marin @ 863-381-5538 and mention job number 12631079.