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On the political radar

Posted Friday, April 9, 2010, at 10:55 AM

Some recent happenings - and one scheduled for this weekend - have attracted Political Buzz:

Carnahan to speak at Democratic Women

The matriarch of one of Missouri's well-known political families will be in the Bootheel this weekend.

Former U.S. Senator Jean Carnahan will be the guest speaker on Saturday at the 8th District Democratic Women's Club Spring Convention. The convention will be held at the Malden Community Center and Carnahan is slated to be the noon luncheon speaker.

The Dunklin County Democratic Women are hosting this event, which includes a Friday evening hospitality time at the Malden Country Club, and Saturday's events at the Malden Community Center.

Carnahan is the mother of U.S. Congressman Russ Carnahan and Secretary of State Robin Carnahan. She is former Missouri First Lady and was the first woman from the state to serve in the U.S. Senate. She was appointed to the post to fill the vacancy created on the death of her husband, Gov. Mel Carnahan, who was elected posthumously in 2000 to the U.S. Senate. Mrs. Carnahan served in the Senate from Jan. 2001 until Nov. 2002, when she was defeated by Republican Jim Talent in a special election.

Another Mayer is elected

There is now not one, but two members of the Mayer family in public office.

Nancy Mayer, wife of State Sen. Rob Mayer, was elected this week to serve on the Dexter Board of Education.

Mrs. Mayer was one of three candidates running for two school board seats in the Dexter district. She received the second highest tally in the race, trailing close behind incumbent Herman Morse. This is her first run for elected office, although she has always been actively involved in her husband's campaigns for state representative and state senator.

Nancy Mayer retired from teaching last year in the Dexter schools. She also taught for a time in the Blue Springs district, when State Senator Mayer was in law school in Kansas City. Both Mayers are lifelong residents of Dexter, are alums of Dexter High School (Class of 1975) and their sons all attended Dexter schools.

The question now is if School Board Member Mayer will have any influence on State Senator Mayer when it comes to Missouri's schools and the state budget.

Kinder on national television

Missouri's Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder of Cape Girardeau was Greta Van Susteren's guest Wednesday evening on the show "On The Record" on the Fox News channel.

Kinder announced on the national news program that he intends to proceed with plans to file suit challenging the recently signed federal health care bill. Kinder also announced that he will seek private funding for the legal challenge so that the legal challenge is not a burden for Missouri's taxpayers.

To see online video of Kinder on Van Susteren's show visit this link: http://video.foxnews.com/v/4141213/misso...

Kinder also announced that he will seek private funding for the legal challenge so that the legal challenge is not a burden for Missouri's taxpayers. A new website--www.healthcareinaction.com -- to raise private funds to pay for his involvement in the lawsuit.

"Some have raised concerns about what a lawsuit like this might cost the taxpayers of Missouri. That is why I have chosen to fund my legal challenge through private donations," Kinder wrote in a message posted on the Web site, www.healthcareinaction.com.

"No one pretends that democracy is perfect or all wise. Indeed, it has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all those other forms that have been tried from time to time." - Winston Churchill.

Churchill hit the nail on the head -- until someone invents something better, our best choice is democracy. Democracy means that we get to "cuss and discuss", and at the end hopefully shake hands and remain friends.

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Annabeth Miller is a political junkie, who grew up attending political functions with her newspaper publisher father and was hooked on Show-Me State politics at an early age. Her political memorabilia collection includes a charm bracelet given to her by Vice President Hubert Humphrey during his 1968 visit to Dexter. She considers seeing George Wallace at an event in Poplar Bluff and meeting Lady Margaret Thatcher as some of her most thrilling political moments. "Political Buzz" will keep an eye on politics in the Bootheel and the Show-Me State, providing added news and coverage on politics in our region.
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