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Malden Artist Links

Posted Wednesday, January 20, 2010, at 8:46 AM

The subject of this blog is links to various Malden artist from Malden. First and foremost, one should visit the site about Narvel Felts at http://www.mkoc.com/NarvelFelts/ . I have been listening to Narvel's music for over 40 years. For several years Malden Printing Company edited and printed his annual newsletters for his fans. I had the honor of being the graphic artist for the company and worked closely on each of the newsletters. Narvel worked diligently on his yearly newsletter and took pride in writing about his yearly journey on tour in the U.S. and in Europe. He spent weeks working on the letter and after printing, he would send them to fans around the world. Narvel's gift of entertaining over 50 years has delighted thousands. His tours in Europe are legendary performances praised by all music lovers of Rock-A-Billy from the early fifties up to the present. As quoted from his web home page, "From 1957 Rockabilly, into the 1970's with pure country, Narvel Felts is a true Country Music Legend whose music grows stronger each day as he continues gathers fans around the world." This wonderful site will bring you up-to-date. I have several of Narvel's albums. A good friend of mine always selects Narvel's hits on the jukebox at the local VFW Post 2368 and we talk about which song is "our favorite". Narvel has never forgotten his hometown and the hundreds of friends who love and admire him. Narvel is truly a star in the hearts of Maldenites that love country and rock-a-billy music. Narvel is one of the kindest people I know and I am proud to call him a good friend and neighbor.

Other Malden music happenings can be found at http://www.maldenmusic.net/ a site developed and edited by Ms. Cindy Lester of Malden. Ms. Lester has had this site up and running for the last couple of years or so. I am not quite sure how long the site has been on the web. She carries information about private music lessons as well as local music events in and around Malden area. Ms. Lester has some other links one might find interesting. Here is the Bootheel Blues link: http://bootheelblues.info/ There are some interesting interviews by Ms. Lester. She interview Gospel Music musician Sylvia Rose Cobb and another one with Donna Herula at the Chicago Blues Festival. Elizabeth Welch wrote about her interview with Narvel Felts and how his experience as a small town boy blossomed into a successful career from the Bootheel to a world stage.

On Malden Music, Bruce Zimmerman gives an interview from his latest CD "Guitar On The Brain". Mr. Zimmerman is a self taught musician that has roots deep in the Bootheel and he explained he has never been out of a band since he was nine years old.

The http://www.lucyopry.com/ is guided by two former Maldenites Beth Thompson Mays and her husband Will Mays. Malden Music has an excellent article the bluegrass music from Memphis and Shelby County since 1967.

"With me, color has power: Color evokes emotion. Color evokes a primal urge. Color evokes energy. Plugging in to that power is what I do. My meditative state presents these visual qualities when I engage and transfer the power of color: the power of the moment." quote from a local artist that is prolific in showing and creating unusual art that dazzles the eyes with brilliant colors. Visit the art of Teresa Dirks at http://teresadirks.com and behold bold statements with canvas.

Roger East graduated from Malden in 1965. "With a background in architecture, prefabrication, construction, real estate investment, computer programming, art and psychology, Roger East approaches problem solving with unique technical and aesthetic abilities. Roger has 39 years of experience in residential, commercial and medical facility projects. Additionally, he has extensive experience as a builder/developer and 15 years experience as a producer of computer software for architecture and construction. Roger is a skilled innovator who is credited with creating the first comprehensive interactive virtual tour of a home (1995) as well as the first to create interactive design kits to help home owners design and maintain their homes (1988)." Roger's work has received design awards from the American Institute of Architects, Solar Energy Association, Portland Cement Association, and the Invision Multimedia Awards Program. His work has been published in The Digital Architect, the AIA Journal, Sunset Magazine, Sunset Books, House and Garden, House Beautiful, New Shelter Magazine, the World of Macintosh Multimedia, and Macromedia Director release 4.0. Visit http://rogereastarchitects.com

Professional photographer Scott Matthews of the Malden fills his frame with exciting images captured at the right moment. Visit http://www.bootheelphoto.com/ and you will see why this fun loving and vision wizard is a well known digital artist of sports, family photography and wildlife. Scott's photojournalism and sports photography is some of the best in the Missouri Bootheel. His sense of design, composition and lighting lends to the decisive moment captured forever and shared with family and friends.

Hope you find these sites enjoyable and if you know of other Malden artist on the web, let me know. Thanks for visiting the blog. Contact me on my site at http://www.maldenite.com I plan on having some new photographs posted this month.

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