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Building Community

Saturday, February 25, 2023

When John Dalton addressed the Kennett City Council this week he hit on recent issues the City of Kennett has been dealing with.

We’ve definitely had some embarrassments lately.

He spoke on utilizing the expertise and advice of our city attorney, Terry McVey.

That’s very true, however, I think we have a problem that dwells a little deeper.

To me it appears we have lost our sense of community.

Our city is fractured.

Fractured with personalities that stifle progress and dipped in a bucket of stubbornness.

Whether you agree with the Council’s recent decisions or not, there is a reason to at least celebrate the tone of Dalton’s message.

There was no name calling. No shouting. No interruptions and no outbursts.

It was civil, orderly, thoughtful and respectful.

We need more of that.

More citizens standing up and voicing concerns in a civil manner.

Check the personalities at the door.

I’d like to hear the words “neighbor” and “neighborhood” used more.

I’d like to hear them used in a sense of camaraderie, in a style of, we’re in this together.

We have an election coming up and I’d like to see a sense of community prevail in the days, weeks and months to come.

This may not be the neighborhood we wanted, the city we wanted, but it’s what we’ve got.

If change is to occur it will come from within. Within our neighborhoods, our homes.

Let’s work together and prompt a new spirit of community.

If the same spirit of civility, order, thoughtfulness and respect, as evidenced in Dalton’s message Tuesday night continues in conversations in the weeks to come, it’s going to be a spectacular neighborhood.

We can transform a community.

It’s not a stretch to say that working towards that goal will be the key to our success and vitality.

Or we can keep the status quo and continue to be a spectacle and an embarrassment.

It truly is up to us.

See you out there, neighbor.

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