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Saturday, August 28, 2021

I continue to be more than disappointed with this administration and the direction our country is heading.

A few recent examples:


Epic failure.

Monumental disaster.

And folks, letís not make this all political and stand by our respective parties.

A horrible mistake is a horrible mistake.

Poor judgement is poor judgement.

Americans were killed. Period.

It is becoming painfully obvious that we have a lack of leadership in the White House.

The press conference


President Biden stated he was ďinstructedĒ on which reporters to call on.


Youíre the president. Stand tall behind that podium and take charge of that press conference.

Also you brought up Trump, tossing blame once again on the former president.

That is such a broken record.

Please move on. That tired tactic is as aggravating as nails on a chalkboard.


Itís frightening to me how many of our freedoms are slowly being stripped away.

People are losing their jobs because they wonít take the vaccination.


They went from heroes to disposable in a matter of weeks.

Frontline warriors are being let go, losing their livelihoods, because they are hesitant to get a vaccine without knowing the long-term effects.

Iím vaccinated, but it took me awhile to make that decision. I researched and discussed with friends, family, and medical professionals.

Ultimately, I took the shot.

But, I had a choice!

This is America. We donít conform. We lead.

We rise up against tyranny.

We donít sit in the back of the bus.

We donít allow our country to be attacked without response.

We donít negotiate with terrorists, and we donít allow these thugs to terrorize other countries.

We are Americans!

We are united.

Wait a minute. Nope. Thatís not true.

We are the land of the free. Uh, not really. More like the land of the mandated.

Weíre slipping friends.

If we donít turn this around soon, we wonít just have the door opened, with one foot planted in socialism, weíll be in the room.

For those that argue we are not drifting into socialism, well, weíre certainly drifting away from democracy.

Rant over.

Sadly, though, I donít feel any better.

See you out there.

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