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Saturday, August 14, 2021

To say itís been hot is an understatement.

Summertime in the south can be brutal.

Iíve been a lot of places where the temperature rises high.

Iíve spent time in triple digit heat in the deserts of Nevada, but until youíve experienced bootheel humidity, you donít know what hot is.

After a shower you have to dry off at least three times.

You have to stifle laughter as your wife applies mascara that continually runs down her cheeks.

You wash your car in shifts, running inside to cool off every few minutes.

Cows are giving powdered milk and I think I saw two trees fighting over a dog!

Needless to say, Iím still getting used to the weather here in Missouri.

Although, Iíll take the heat over the bitter cold and snow I left in northern Illinois.

My wife doesnít let the high temps scare her off when it comes to our yard work chores.

She encourages me to take lots of breaks and keep hydrated.

I take quite a few breaks indeed, as Iím hiding from her behind the shed or a corner of the garage.

Men sweat more than women, so men are more susceptible to heat illness because they become more quickly dehydrated.

Remember, hogs do not have functional sweat glands.

Thatís why they wallow in the mud.

I hear itís also good for your skin.

I may have found another hiding spot.

Scoot over pig.

Stay cool everyone.

See you out there.

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