Benefits of serving

Saturday, June 26, 2021

Serve to change lives.

Thatís this yearís theme for Rotary Clubs across the world.

Iíve always believed in serving.

Helping others just feels good and now we have the scientific data to back it up.

Multiple studies indicate that the act of giving back to your community boosts your happiness and your health.

Helping others can help you live longer.

Research has shown that volunteering your time for a worthy cause can lengthen your lifespan.

Volunteers have an improved ability to manage stress and stave off disease.

Helping others also makes you happy.

A team of sociologists tracked 2000 people over a five year period and found that Americans who described themselves as ďvery happyĒ volunteered at least 5.8 hours per month.

Helping others may even help chronic pain.

According to one study, people who suffered from chronic pain tried working as peer volunteers. As a result, they experienced a reduction in their own symptoms.

Helping others can lower your blood pressure.

Research has shown that older individuals who volunteered for at least 200 hours a year decreased their risk of hypertension by 40 percent. Thatís amazing.

As the president of the Rotary Club of Kennett I can attest to the fact that I always feel better after a morning club meeting, discussing future good works for our community.


It really improves your life.

Thereís a particular kind of serving that my mother does that Iím very fond of.

Itís when she serves me a big plate of her hamburger steak and gravy, along with black-eyed peas and biscuits.

I sure hope it makes her feel better, because it does a world of good for me.

See you out there.

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