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Misadventures in St. Louis

Saturday, June 19, 2021

It never seems to go smooth for me when Iím driving in St. Louis.

Truth be told, Iím out of practice from driving in a city on a daily basis.

When itís time to take my mother to her doctorís appointment at Washington University Hospital, I gear up for it like Iím gong into battle.

Actually, I am going into battle, with 90 mile an hour commuters, bicyclists, pedestrians, and letís not forget construction.

Even after we finally arrive I have problems.

When we finally park in the cavernous multi-level parking garage, my elderly parents follow me to the crosswalk that connects the garage to the hospital.

They do this without question, confident their son is guiding them safely to their destination, only to find that weíve walked, what seems like ten miles, to a locked door.

The sign on the door reads, key card entry only.

I have took them on a journey that has led to the Hilton Hotel that is also attached to the parking garage.

I could go on and on, but one word will suffice to describe our day.


Maybe, more than one word.

Madhouse, challenging, terrifying, and yes, breakdown.

We made the appointment, but will have to make two more trips in the near future.

Iím already gearing up.

I may need a doctor appointment after those trips.

With a therapist!

But not in downtown St. Louis.

See you out there.

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