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Saturday, June 12, 2021

I meet a lot of people in my business.

I learn something from everyone of them.

My friend, Keith Mitchell, taught me quite a few lessons.

The biggest lesson I learned from him was the act of selflessness.

He was the prime example.

As a fellow Rotarian he lived our motto of service before self.

In the classic holiday film, “It’s A Wonderful Life” when George Bailey stood on that bridge it was because he had failed to take sufficient stock of his own life.

So he was sent Clarence the angel, who granted George his wish: that he had never born.

Bailey was at the end of his rope not because he hadn’t had a wonderful life, but because he failed to consider all the good that had come of it.

In other words, “Count your blessings.”

No matter what state your health may be, or your age, if you’re reading this article, you still have a pulse.

You still have work to do, and work can equal giving.

Nothing is better for your spirit than to perform a selfless act.

Give freely.

Find someone more troubled than yourself and spend a little time with them.

Remember the Law of Motion, which I’ll paraphrase, for every act there is an opposite and equal reaction.

That’s why giving freely fills the spirit. That reaction has to go somewhere.

Selflessness is not thinking less of yourself, but thinking about yourself less.

Something we all can be reminded of.

Thanks for the lesson Keith.

See you out there.

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