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Saturday, June 5, 2021

I like visiting the cemetery.

Some donít and thatís okay.

It gives me peace to go and be where my people rest.

Memories come flooding back and yes, sometimes I even talk to the graves of my loved ones.

I especially like walking through the cemetery during this time of year when the numerous graves of veterans are adorned with American flags.

These men and women sacrificed all, as did their families and they are heroes.

For some reason this year I felt a little anger as I strolled the cemetery.

It stemmed from the belief in the cancel culture movement.

Itís clichť, but I was reminded of the saying, ďClose the door on the past but leave a window in it so you can see how far youíve come and also think of how far you still have to go.Ē

So many today want to erase our history and swipe it from memory.

A lot of these attempts at destroying history focus on destruction. Smashing statues, demolishing buildings, looting, and cancellation.

Cancellation of an opposing thought.

No constructive discussions. No bridging the gap. Just cancel.

If you donít agree with me or go along with my perspective of events Iíll take my toys and go home, never to speak of you again.

Thereís no solution in that kind of mentality.

I suppose our veterans had their own idea on cancel culture.

They cancelled Hitler.

They cancelled Saddam Hussein.

I thank God for our veterans.

I love America, despite our faults. I still believe itís the greatest nation in the world.

I encourage you to take a walk through your cemetery and while you do, search for the markers of our veterans.

Stand in thoughtful solitude and reflect on the sacrifices these brave souls committed.

Never forget or allow them, our nationís heroes, to be cancelled.

See you out there.

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