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Blaming is not the answer

Saturday, February 27, 2021

Since the shootings at the Kennett American Legion occurred, I have been inundated with phone calls, emails and texts concerning the incident.

Almost all of them involve blame.

Whoís to blame?

Citizens are demanding answers.

Thereís a lot of finger pointing going on folks, but Iím here to tell you that blaming is not the answer.

We donít need a scapegoat.

Blaming other people means never having to say youíre sorry.

Blaming is about serving judgement on other people.

Thatís not the answer.

The problem is much more dire than gun control or security issues.

All parties involved should, indeed, take their share of responsibility, and work towards a solution.

However, this is not a Legion problem, a police problem, or any number of hotbed political issues you throw at it.

Itís a cancer.

A cancer on modern American culture. Thereís nothing unique about these shootings.

These streets are no different than St. Louis, Memphis, or any other metropolitan area.

Weíre just a smaller demographic.

Crime happens. It happens here in our communities. It will continue to happen.

Itís a cancer.

A cancer that consists of too much anger, too many drugs, too many broken and dysfunctional families, too much poverty, and too little hope.

Until these conditions change you can bet the police will stay busy responding to shots fired calls.

The culture should be the conversation, not the blame.

See you out there.

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