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Texas, Rush, and the Godfather

Saturday, February 20, 2021

I usually write on all things local, but the news across our nation has caught my attention and I feel the need to share my thoughts.

First, the winter storm. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the folks in Texas. I’m not concerned, at this moment, who’s to blame for the power grid issues, but believe me there’s a lot of blame to go around.

The people of Texas need help. They’ll figure out those energy issues later.

As far as our winter, I moved hundreds of miles to getaway from this. I hate winter. I don’t ski, ice skate, or snowmobile. I left every shovel I owned back in Northern Illinois in hopes to never hold one again.

A big thank you and much appreciation for all those that helped during this weather event, including street departments, CLGW, Pemiscot-Dunklin Electric, and of course our postal workers. I know I’ve probably left a lot of folks out, so a big blanket thank you to you all.

With the passing of talk radio icon Rush Limbaugh. I’ll just say that whether you loved or hated him he definitely made an impact.

Coming from a metropolitan, far-left area, I remember at the height of his show’s popularity, even in that section of the nation, taverns, barbershops, and business break-rooms were all tuned to Rush. It made for some fascinating, spirited debates.

And now, back to Texas...

Senator Cruz, here’s a basic lesson in Politics 101. When your state is in a crisis, don’t take a trip to Cancun. Not for a week, not for a day, not even for a quick drop off of the family and return.

Enough said.

Now, onto New York where Governor Cuomo is in the middle of creating a sequel to the Godfather.

He’s calling his people and making them an offer they can’t refuse.

It all stems from the ongoing COVID and the nursing homes scandal.

Godfather Cuomo has went as far as to allegedly threaten a member of his “crew”, a New York Democratic assemblyman, if he doesn’t fall in line.

New York City Mayor De Blasio folds like weak brother Fredo in the Godfather films and states the bullying is classic Cuomo.

I can almost picture the hard stare coming from Cuomo as he looks at the mayor and says, “You broke my heart,” followed by the kiss of death.

You can’t make this stuff up folks.

I’m sure there’s more to come, unfortunately some of the upcoming scandals appear to be originating in our own backyard.

See you out there.

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