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Common Sense

Saturday, February 13, 2021

Voltaire once wrote, common sense is not so common.


It becomes more apparent everyday just how much society is lacking in good old common sense.

After asking a few of my friends and searching on the web I have compiled a few examples concerning this vital subject.

Cover your mouth when you sneeze.


Use your turn signals. You know who you are.

Texting while driving. Insane.

Not washing your hands after using the bathroom. Nasty.

Full cart in an express lane at a grocery store.

Not dimming your lights while approaching vehicle in other lane.

Eating with your mouth open. Again nasty.

Common sense.

Where has it gone?

Looking at this list it appears that a majority of the time, common sense is equal to common decency.

Probably the biggest example regarding a lack of common sense that comes to my mind is the impeachment of a former president in order to unify a completely polarized nation.

Letís see how that turns out.

Iíve got a pretty good idea.

See you out there.

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