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Unifying power of music

Saturday, February 6, 2021

I love music.

I love a variety of music genres.

In fact, I made my living for many years in the music business.

Music makes me happy. Music relaxes me.

It stirs up memories and it unifies people.

Looking back at our history, it always has.

To say we continue to struggle with race relations is an understatement, but music has always brought us together.

Jazz, rhythm and blues, and rock and roll were driving forces to unify the races.

A majority of my favorite singers are African American.

Chuck Berry, Little Richard, and Fats Domino.

The smooth sound of Mr. Brook Benton, and we can’t forget the ladies.

My favorite is Miss Dinah Washington.

Give a listen to her version of “Unforgettable”. It brings chills.

Entertainers were instrumental in breaking down race barriers.

Sinatra was monumental in integrating the hotels on the Las Vegas strip when he refused to go on, unless black entertainers were allowed the same luxuries as white entertainers.

I realize the struggles these African American singers, comedians, and actors went through.

I’m not ignoring that fact, but I’m stripping it down to the root of the unification, the music.

I realize it will take a lot more than a song to heal this country.

However, I can’t help but wonder if a good old nationwide block party were held, with Sam Cooke blaring “Twistin’ the Night Away” if it wouldn’t help a little. At least for three minutes.

I can hear it now.

“Here they have a lot of fun. Puttin’ trouble on the run. Man, you find the old and young. Twistin’ the Night Away.”


See you out there.

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