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Unity dreams

Saturday, December 19, 2020

Dreams have always been a popular topic of discussion.

Martin Luther King had a dream in his historical speech to the nation.

Songs are written about dreams.

Dreams are used in advertising and countless books have been written on the subject.

There are also many types of dreams.

One that comes to mind concerning recent events is pipe dream.

This is the type of dream President-elect Biden had when he gave his “Now is the time for unity!” speech.

Predictable, yes.

Attainable? Certainly not anytime soon.

We, as a nation, are divided to the extreme and hopelessly deadlocked in our beliefs.

I also don’t think tit for tat ever works well, but it is human nature.

Half of the country is saying “Are you kidding me?” regarding that speech.

Those that back President Trump will remind the left of the way he was treated the past four years.

Buckle up, because payback is coming.

You can see it happening already from both parties and we haven’t even held the inauguration.

Sadly, I see no other outcome than continued division for the country.

Could we come together as a nation?

No more name-calling, no more insults, and no more dumb statements.

Don’t be silly.

That’s not about to happen.

So settle in with a big bucket of popcorn for another long, contentious four years.

May a truly united country, somehow, someday, emerge.

Good luck finding a bookie that will give you decent odds on that one.

See you out there.

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