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Jeff Dorris is the Editor of the Delta Dunklin Democrat


What did you expect?

Saturday, November 7, 2020

Days past the election and weíre still counting votes.

It looks like it could be weeks before it all settles and we have our 46th president.

In 2020 vote tabulation shouldnít be this difficult.

But what did we expect?

Itís 2020.

The year that brought us the pandemic, wildfires, hurricanes, violent protests, and then James Bond died!

Now the election, and this year just keeps bringing forth chaos.

I never was sold on mail in voting.

If I can go in person to the grocery store, department store, gas station, and work, I can go vote in person.

There were just too many ways problems could arise with mail in voting.

My ballot could be lost, destroyed, thrown away, etc.

Iíve always preferred in person interaction.

I donít like phone interviews.

I want to be eyeball to eyeball.

Another problem is with the folks who filled in their early ballot and hand delivered that ballot on election day. That can create a problem.

Those ballots need to be address and signature verified.

A human process.

Mail in ballots verify signatures by comparing the signature on a voterís file (this could be from voter registration forms, ballot application or the D.M.V.) according to data collected by the National Conference of State Legislatures.

But, this is not 1971 where you signed everything.

Checks, credit card slips, documents, etc.

Your signature mattered.

You practiced it. You made it unique. Today, you scribble anything on a signature line, because it matters very little.

We have PIN numbers, passwords, thumbprint scans, and facial recognition.

Who signs anything the same way twice?

I would guess that twenty-somethings probably never worked on creating a signature.


Lesson learned.

If you vote early verify your ballot was received or vote in person.

I fed my ballot into a tabulation machine myself.

Counted, done, no need for any other human contact.

By the way, this is strictly a bi-partisan rant.

Iím old school and I realize that.

A smooth election?

In 2020?

We knew better.

See you out there.

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