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Debate or circus?

Saturday, October 3, 2020

Was it a debate or a circus?

What I watched Tuesday night certainly wasnít a debate, on the other hand to call it a circus might be insulting to that group of performers.

I was disappointed to say the least.

It was hard to watch as moderator Chris Wallace went from a deer in the headlights stare to actually pleading with the candidates to be quiet.

There were glimmers of hope throughout the evening when I thought we could get back on track, but they were fleeting.

I thought President Trump did well when he spoke, not yelled, on his accomplishments with the economy and adhered to the subject matter, not wandering off of topic.

Iím surprised the Biden camp didnít rehearse with their candidate more on how to handle constant interruptions as well as a barrage of side comments. Biden took the bait and became angry, which resulted in him name calling, referring to the president as a clown and a fool.

It just wasnít a good night for the country.

Will there be more debates?

With the president contracting COVID-19, itís anybodyís guess.

One would hope for more civility and an actual discussion on the issues.

Iíd like to hear both candidateís vision for our country in the next four years.

More meat and less fluff dessert.

If we have a repeat of Tuesday nightís debacle, we might as well bring the popcorn and let Jerry Springer moderate.

By the way, if anyone thinks cutting a microphone off will deter President Trump from making remarks they are sorely mistaken.

To the candidates, do better.

Our nation deserves better than what you gave us on Tuesday.

See you out there.

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