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Saturday, May 30, 2020

I have tried over the years to encourage community involvement.

One of the ways to do this is commenting on articles in the DDD.

I have asked for your input and tried to start a column directing questions from you to local mayors all to no avail.

Aside from a few loyal commentators it just didnít pan out.

Iím gong to try again.

People subscribe to a newspaper to feel connected to their community. Hopefully the newspaper is useful. Our goal is to be informative, reliable, and entertaining. Commenting, within a code of conduct, is another way to deepen that connection.

I enjoy reading comments and there are so many stories to comment on.

The hospital projects, the local impact of the coronavirus, and now of course the racial injustice and violent protests occurring across the nation.

Thereís a lot to talk about.

Iíll even start us off with a thought concerning the riots:

I agree there should be justice for George Floyd.


But Iíve never understood riots.

I know it stems from anger and frustration, but setting fire to your businesses and looting to stop injustices is hard to wrap my mind around. How will stealing a big screen TV help curb police brutality?

When counseling addicts and teaching anger management classes for sixteen years, I would often ask patients, why they broke their own belongings? Smashing lamps, breaking coffee tables, and tearing up phones may get attention, but it doesnít solve the problem.

Iíd like to hear your opinion on all of these topics.

Remember when commenting to avoid personal attacks.

Share thoughtful ideas and stay on topic.

Please no social media tirades.

Use your real name. No SHOUTING.

Commenting can be so worthwhile when people offer information and experience.

I look forward to your comments and donít forget to vote on Tuesday.

Thereís where real change occurs.

See you out there.

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