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Fresh ice

Saturday, April 25, 2020

Have you ever had a drink go weak?

Youíve held onto it too long and itís warm and going flat.

Then someone puts fresh ice in your glass and it restores the whole beverage.

The fizz returns and it becomes refreshing again.

My life has become a warm drink.

Every conversation is centered around the coronavirus pandemic.

The majority of emails and phone calls I receive concern the virus.

I need some fresh ice.

I havenít heard much about the efforts to bring a hospital back to the area lately.

I realize the pandemic may have slowed these efforts a bit, but I also know these committees are still working diligently to bring this much needed project to fruition.

An update on their efforts would be appreciated.

Fresh ice.

Iíve read where some businesses and services are having a resurgence due to the COVID-19 restrictions. In some area of our nation home milk delivery has returned.

The milk man is back.

One memorable business from the past Iíd like to see return is the drive-in theater.

Iíd love to see a young entrepreneur bring one to our area.

Is there a brand new Tommiesís Drive-in in our future?

Fresh ice.

Iíve noticed more sidewalks being placed in certain areas of Kennett.

They look great and are much needed.

Fresh ice.

Letís hope more of these projects continue and our drinks stay replenished.

A final tip for quarantined couples.

Husbands, if your wife hands you a list of chores, please donít look at her and ask, ďWhat are you going to do?Ē

Donít. Do. It.

Donít even think about it.

I took one for the team and asked that question of my wife last week.

My limp is clearing up, however the dog is still traumatized.

A little humor for your week.


Now thatís fresh ice.

See you out there.

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