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Celebrating mentors

Saturday, January 4, 2020

January is National Mentors Month.

The dictionary defines mentor as an experienced and trusted adviser.

Iíve had many mentors throughout my life.

I believe everyone should have a mentor.

In fact, according to a recent research study we could all use at least five.

Itís true that rarely one person can give you everything you need to grow.

I suppose my parents and grandparents were my first mentors.

They taught me spiritually, guided me through the awkward teenage years, and gave examples of good parenting, which included a good old-fashioned spanking when needed.

Many of my teachers were mentors and instilled in me a passion for reading and learning that has followed me all my life.

A dear friend, Mr. Dale White, of Monroe Wisconsin, has been a true friend and wonderful mentor to me.

His favorite line is, easy does it.

Donít rush.

Be prepared.

Do your best and be a person of integrity.

When you lay your head on the pillow at night, be the man that has stayed true to his word.

A man who gets up every morning and consistently does the next right thing has peaceful sleep in the evening.

I continue to call him regularly for his sage advice.

An old boss of mine gave me quite probably the best advice Iíd ever been given.

One afternoon he told me to get in the car and take a drive with him.

To my surprise, he drove to a cemetery and had me get out of the car.

He asked me to walk with him.

As we walked through the cemetery he said, ďI want you to look around at all these graves. The majority of people in those graves, hated what they did for a living on earth. Donít be one of them. It isnít about the money, or the status. No matter what you wind up doing in your career, enjoy it. Donít be the man who worked for forty years at a job he couldnít stand.Ē

Great advice.

Think back on your mentors and the lessons theyíve taught you.

If youíre lucky enough to still have them with you, thank them.

Tell them how much their advice meant to you.

Remember mentoring is a relationship and when you break it all down, itís all about relationships.

Happy New Year.

See you out there.

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