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The spirit of America

Saturday, December 14, 2019

There are times that I feel like I live on another planet.

A friend told me recently he felt like a dinosaur.

Technology had passed him by and the shifting ideology of America had him feeling completely out of touch.

I can empathize with him.

Iíve said before that Iím tolerant to differing ideas and cultural movements.

However, I do have trouble wrapping my mind around some of the new environmental theories and the growing number of gender options to name a few.

I recently saw a list of 58 different genders.

Iíll admit Iím completely baffled by this.

Itís also troubling to see the country so divisive.

I have enjoyed watching, reading and being active in politics my entire life.

I looked forward to the debates, in fact it was one of my favorite classes in high school.

However, today our political conversations have turned into screaming matches with no attempt at compromise.

Compromise is not just something that you can throw to the side.

Without compromise, governing a community, a state, or a nation is impossible.

For me it paints a bleak picture for our future.

The America I grew up in seems to have vanished.

But there is hope.

I witnessed it yesterday.

I attended the annual Wreaths Across America ceremony at the courthouse.

I saw people from all walks of life come together to remember and honor our veterans.

Firemen, policemen, teachers, students, city employees, and community members all gathered for the event.

While waiting for the semiís to roll up with the wreaths, we had fellowship with one another.

There was no bickering. No name-calling. No posturing while defending our personal beliefs.

We were all Americans, gathered together for the common cause of honoring our veterans.

Veterans who fought and died allowing us the right to have the freedom to express our opinions and live in a country of liberties.

As I gazed across at the KMS students and staff watching our area veterans stand at attention while Taps played over the Square, I saw America.

Itís still here, alive and well, in small town veteran ceremonies, urban food pantries, churches, and school holiday programs.

Observe a farmer working in a field, families gathering together to celebrate a new baby, or a community bringing awareness to cancer with a fundraising walk and youíll see America.

The spirit of America is still here.

You just have to look in the right places.

See you out there.

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