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Expectations from the community

Saturday, August 3, 2019

We live in a different world these days, one our earlier generations would never recognize.

Some differences are beneficial, like the computer age and advancements in healthcare.

Some differences are dangerous. The decline of the family, the loss of unity in values, and most of all, the respect for the sanctity of human life.

Street violence is commonplace in many of our urban neighborhoods and itís creeping into our rural communities as well.

Last weekend we lost another young life to a senseless homicide.

The good news: This is not something that happens every day in Kennett.

The bad news: Itís probably because the shooterís aim is off.

This can be a wake-up call for the community.

We should never be afraid to take a walk through the neighborhood, or let our kids play outside.

Many on social media single out the Beaton Street Apartment complex where the shooting occurred.

Clean up this or that area. Focus on this neighborhood.

This is not a Beaton Street problem, itís a Kennett problem.

A cancer has developed in our community that threatens the quality of life for all our citizens.

It stems from family dysfunction, skill deficiencies, lack of opportunities, and drug abuse.

It also stems from people in our community, including civic leaders throughout the years, looking the other way, a refusal to cooperate with police and assuming nothing can really be done about it.

Something can be done about it.

The issue is cultural.

We have have to begin to focus on our central core.

Cosmetic improvements alone wonít do the trick.

Ask any farmer and theyíll tell you, you have to prepare the soil before you drop the seed.

Kennett has done wonders lately with brick and mortar, sidewalks and curbs, now we need to focus on our people.

That is the challenge for the future of this town.

Some will say itís just not possible to turn it around.

But wouldnít it be something if Kennett could become a model town known for rebuilding itself?

It will take action and it wonít happen over night.

An action group should be formed that makes decisions, forms a plan, moves forward with that plan, and gets the job done.

We need to be a work in progress, not accepting what is, but what can be.

There has to be a change of attitude that will fuel this vision.

Some will say itís a pipe dream.

Where would we be without our dreams?

No purpose, no plan, equals no future.

See you out there.

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