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The lost art of compromise

Saturday, June 1, 2019

A component of relationships that seems to be missing these days is compromise.

Not just in personal relationships but relationships in general.

A good example is congress.

It isnít just in Washington D.C. either.

Lack of compromise is apparent in local governments as well.

It truly is a lost art.

We donít like the word,no.

A few ways to integrate compromise into your relationships include not always trying to be right.

I used to believe that in any argument, someone had to be right and someone had to be wrong.

Thatís just not true. There is a middle ground.

We can agree to disagree.

Also we need to let things go.

Iíve known people who have held on to grudges for years.

Iíve seen it with family members and surprisingly, Iíve seen it with entire communities here in Dunklin County.

Try to keep an open mind.

We certainly donít like change. It can be uncomfortable.

Close mindedness usually stems from fear.

Sprinkle in a little gratitude and appreciation for the other party and youíll find your way back to compromise.

I worked in the counseling field for 16 years and lectured on compromise frequently.

My wife and I use it often in our marriage.

We sit at the table and she expresses her feelings.

I express my feelings and thoughts on the matter as well.

I then do exactly what she wants.

Itís not a good example of compromise but remember there are exceptions to every rule.

See you out there.

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