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Support the caregivers

Saturday, April 6, 2019

Occasionally I need a little reminder.

This week I was reminded to remember family caregivers.

They are a special breed.

They are unique and they’re tired.

They’re weary.

They’re exhausted.

A family caregiver takes on a huge responsibility.

In many families there is usually one who will come forward and fill that position.

It could be due to a variety of circumstances including location or space.

Whatever the reason it is a huge undertaking.

I’ve seen firsthand how it affects people.

No more social life.

There’s no time for fun.

Relationships can be damaged.

The family caregiver will struggle to maintain some portion of their old lifestyle.

They’ll cycle through a variety of emotions.



Guilt for feeling angry.

Here are a few tips to help the family caregiver.

Don’t judge them. You are not in their shoes.

Bring food. Cook them a meal.

Don’t exclude them.

Offer to take them out.

Spend time with them, or better yet, come over and help with their loved one while they nap.

The greatest gift of all may very well be much needed sleep and rest.

Most importantly, be a good listener.

Let them vent.

Let them cry and share their frustrations.

They don’t expect you to solve their problems, but they do need to let people know how they feel.

I’m glad I had this reminder. I hope this helps you understand and encourages you to reach out and help a family caregiver.

They fulfill a great need and desperately need our support.

See you out there.

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