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Get out the Vote

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Itís that time again.

A time when the citizens of a community can make their voices heard.

Election time.

On Tuesday, April 2, citizens of Dunklin County can place their vote and help initiate the direction they want their community to take.

Itís important.

Here in Kennett weíve heard quite a bit from the mayoral candidates.

Some main topics of concern from each candidate include job growth, waste management and city cleanup, medical services, and healthy recreational options for our youth.

Important topics to be sure.

But there is a root cause for all these issues.

How did we get here?

Lack of industry and the loss of the hospital can most definitely affect the prosperity and stability of the city.

However, I believe it started way before these topics became an issue.

Itís apparent when you attend city council meetings and town halls and see all the empty chairs.

The issue that is destroying Kennett as well as other communities is apathy.

Apathy is defined as a lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern.

Apathy is the common thread that runs through every declining community.

When a property owner or renter doesnít maintain the lawn, or allows trash to pile up, itís apathy.

This didnít just happen.

Itís been slowly eating away this area for years until you now have a prevalent culture of poverty and a community filled with apathy.

The candidates are correct in saying it takes change, but not just with local government alone.

It takes a change in thinking from the entire community.

Get involved. Clean up your property. Go to the meetings and make your presence known.

Itís not enough to make the payment or collect the rent.

Take some pride in your community.

Believe me, it is a reflection of you.

Itís tiring to hear all the conversations and arguments about the wrongs of the city, yet see poor voter turnout.

It needs to be more than just fodder at the dinner table.

Initiate the change.

If youíre not going to get involved, or go to the meetings, then at the very least, get to the polls on Tuesday and vote.

This community canít stand much more apathy.

Itís time for some enthusiasm and attention.

Itís time for some genuine interest and regard for your community.

In fact, itís way past time.


See you out there.

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