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Pampered kids epedimic

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Temper tantrums.

Crying when they hear the word no.

Iím bored, uttered throughout the day.

You would think this is the behavior of toddlers.

Itís not.

These are examples of what teens and twenty-somethings exhibit on a regular basis.

Are we raising a generation that lacks any coping skills whatsoever?

I see this behavior frequently.

When I was growing up my brother and I had chores that we worked for to earn an allowance.

Thatís right, earn.

Parents would certainly help out if needed but once we moved out we made our car payment, paid our insurance, and bought our food.

This is certainly not the case these days as some are still having their rent, car insurance, phone bills, and at times even food and gas funded by their parents.

The results?

These kids have no drive, no ambition, and no goals.

Why would they?

Why work hard when youíre on the parentís dime?

Unfortunately, this is the case of many adult children today.

I donít believe itís awful to occasionally help your kids out.

Borrowing money from parents is certainly much better than a finance company/payday loan.

Also, Iím sure these parents love their children and truly believe theyíre helping them.

However, theyíre actually enabling them and not allowing the growth of coping skills.

Itís also true that these parents and grandparents wonít stop this behavior.

Itís their nature and they simply donít know how to stop.

It is up to the adult child to say enough, and decide they want more out of life than an allowance.

If not, they will develop a sense of self entitlement and that does not bode well for society.

Studies have shown they adopt a horrible work ethic and bounce around from career to career.

Before long they become so totally dependent on parents that they canít even fathom being on their own.

Pampered kids an epidemic?

Maybe not, but weíre certainly on our way.

Allowing them to struggle a bit, lose once in awhile and hear the word no will help them with acceptance and most of all gratitude.

Those are things money canít buy.

See you out there.

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